Bellatrix and Hagrid are only 4 months old, but….

spay neuter

Hagrid (black) and Bellatrix (tortoiseshell) got spayed and neutered today!

Here’s another plug for early spay/neuter…. Spayed Bellatrix (4 months old) this morning and neutered Hagrid, the two kittens I adopted from the Carteret pound early last month. He is just barely over 4# and she isn’t quite yet 4#. That little girl was already going into heat with some early breast development and a uterus the size of something I would have expected to take out of a cat twice her size. Sneaky girl!

With the days getting longer again, we will start getting more phone calls about cats in heat. Don’t start losing sleep as you discover the true meaning of the word “caterwaul”. Have them spayed early!