General boarding info:


Our deluxe cat condos have a view of the lobby.

  • We offer “bark-free” boarding any time EXCEPT during hurricanes (see bottom of article).  We have large cat cages with perches and porthole doors into other compartments.  Space and season-permitting, boarders usually get to use 2 sections of cage during their stay.  Our boarding kitties have a view of the front lobby and supervise the waiting room!   During Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other high-boarding times, cats may only be given a single section of cage.  But even that is more space than you’ll have available from other local boarding facilities. Space is very limited, so call early for high-demand times as we fill up quickly and well in advance.  Also, expect to leave a deposit to hold a space during high demand times.
  • Our prices are competitive.  You may bring food for pets with special needs/diets, or your cat can eat our “house blend”.  There is no weekend drop-off or pick-up allowed as our hospital doors remain closed all weekend (caregivers come and go, but do not open the clinic to the public).  We do not permit pets to share a cage, even housemates, but they will be able to see and speak to one another.


  • What is needed for my cat to board with you?

  1. All cats must be spayed or neutered if old enough!  Nothing sets off an angry-storm of cats like a caterwauling female or a smelly tom cat.
  2. All cats need to be in good health, current on rabies and distemper vaccines. (Remember, we are a veterinarian as well, so there may be sick cats in a different part of the hospital.  We want your pet up to date on shots so as to minimize any chance that they could bring home a preventable sickness.)
  3. All cats must be free of external parasites.  If your cat has any external parasites (fleas/ticks/ear mites), they WILL be treated with an appropriate product, usually Advantage Multi, at your expense.   These little parasites will invite themselves onto other peoples’ pets, and we don’t want our boarders taking home unwanted friends.
  4. We will board stable diabetics and other pets with stable illness who are already patients at our practice but we regret that we can not extend that benefit to non-clients.
  5. We can not board tiny kittens.  First, the really small ones may fit through the bars of our boarding cages.  Second, if they haven’t finished their vaccine series, they may catch diseases (particularly upper respiratory issues) from any older cats in the area due to their lack of basic effective vaccine protection.  Tiny babies are prone to catching things and we don’t want that!

  • Dr. Smith commutes an hour to work each day.  So when the water rises, the trees fall, and the power lines are down, there is an excellent chance that she will not be able to make it in to care for your pet either.  Therefore, we do not offer boarding during this time.  Onslow County offers a pet-friendly shelter at Jacksonville Commons Middle School on Commons Drive.  There, you and your pet can be safe during storms. (Your pets at the shelter will be housed in a separate hall of the shelter and owners must remain at the shelter with their pets, but you do not have to leave your pet at home on its own during a storm). This resource will help you find pet friendly shelters just about anywhere in the US.
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