Blossom, chief bug catcher and clinic mascot:

Orange Blossom came to us from Onslow County Animal Services in April of 2015.   The pound was using her as a foster mom for about a dozen kittens at the time and she had developed mastitits as a result.  We saw her a few times to get that issue resolved.   During that time she head-bunted Dr. Smith so hard often enough that she finally got the message through that she needed to stay with us.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom, or just call her Blossom. But don’t stop petting her (or else).

We adopted her from the county, spayed her, and she is now in charge of sitting on counters and harassing Kru.  She will also bat a paper ball around the lobby like a champ.  She may also steal a nibble on your hand if you don’t pet her enough.  When the wasps start building outside the front door again she is the early warning system keeping us all safe.

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