Kru, clinic supervisor/mascot:


Cat in charge, Kru.

Kru was surrendered in February 2009 at a whopping 20 pounds.  She has been with us supervising the front desk, being the meal time alarm clock, and reluctantly participating in “fat camp” since then.  This kitty has made a great deal of progress with her weight issues.  She has trimmed down to just under 11 pounds now.  She is a Maine Coone born sometime in 2000 and  named after the Russian tallship.  Kru suffers from heart disease and arthritis as well as nagging weight issues, but has been doing well on her medications for many years.

A shy cat, she prefers to observe strangers from afar, and only a few people can say they’ve petted her.  Though she does seem to be warming a bit to strangers lately.  Stacy is her favorite staff member.  She spends her days inspecting new shipping boxes, flattening packing paper, and hacking up hairballs onto newly mopped floors.  Her photo graces the sides of our trailer-sign out in front of the clinic.

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