Stacy Fritter, animal assistant and reception:

Stacy Fritter has been with CCC since 2005.    She is a local, graduating from Swansboro High School in 2001.  Afterwards, she started on-the-job training as a veterinary assistant in an all pet practice.  She now enjoys the quiet atmosphere of a cat only clinic.  She does it all, from assisting the doctor in the exam rooms to answering the phone, filling in wherever she is needed.  In addition, she is also a  Red Cross certified instructor of pet first aid and CPR.

When not volunteering, she can be found at her farm tending to her animals, or building on her latest “project”.  Stacy makes and sells high quality cat trees which we keep on display in the lobby.   She has a Facebook page and an Etsy page where she sells the items that she makes with melted glass and other “recycled” art.

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