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Cornell Feline Health Center , has great videos and pet care info, and in particular an excellent video on caring for your diabetic cat. You can purchase the video at this site or you can play it online. is a great place to look up and find the nutritional make-up of just about any commercially sold cat food on the market.  General goals for cat foods are high protein and low carb.  Don’t worry so much about fat.  Specific goals for a diabetic cat in particular are 60% or higher protein and 5% or less carbohydrates.  Many diabetic cats, with medical management, may actually stop being diabetic when their diet is changed to this “Catkins” approach and their diabetes is well managed for a period of time.

This is a nice web site concerning feline diabetes.

Fritz the Brave has a nice, informative video and web site concerning feline asthma.

Kittytest, a website supported by Idexx labs, discusses local risks for feline retroviral diseases (FeLV/FIV) and has good handouts/information about some of the more common ones., and are AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) websites.  Lots of useful cat information from the cat experts.  This is a great place to look for a new vet when you move.   AAFP membership is not required.  Thus, people who join the AAFP tend to have more of an interest in cats and their care.  They also have a special listing for vets belonging to the Cat Friendly Practice Program, where member vets have gone out of their way to do things to make yours and your cats’ visits much less stressful.


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The ASPCA site, has lists of toxic/non-toxic plants.  We get calls about what is and isn’t poisonous all the time.  Look it up here!

Declawing, a video put out by Cornell University to help understand and correct destructive clawing through behavioral modifications and hopefully sparing your kitty surgery.  We’d love to talk you out of declawing, so please have a look.

This a link to the AAFP’s statement on hybrid cats (we don’t see them, and this is why).  They’re beautiful, but they aren’t really domestic cats, even the later generations.

Cat Watch, is a newsletter with an ever changing variety of really good cat info put out by Cornell.

Here is a great link to a web site all about cat food puzzles!  Great environmental enrichment!  These puzzles may solve weight issues, “scarf and barf” issues for cats that eat too quickly, as well as being great environmental enrichment!

This is an excellent resource with just about all you could want to know about  caring for orphaned kittens.

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